Dear Matchmaking Team,

Thank you for kind & positive wishes!
Just got home from a wonderful, romantic date with Valenti Client (Name Withheld For Confidentiality)
The restaurant was truly exceptional, romantic and elegant, it shows how much effort and care you put into this to organize long distance.
Date went great, we talked for hours and truly enjoyed getting to know each other.
Planning to


Thank you for checking back with me, We have been dating since our introduction. He is very caring, sensitive and genuine person, whom I plan to continue seeing. At times I feel like we've been friends for a life time and have much in common. What I like most is that he is willing and puts effort into us as

Hello Irene,

We had a great discussion on many topics including dog's and horses as you might expect.

She has been divorced twice and has a 17
year old son at boarding school in Massachusetts. She spends the Winter in Wellington and play's polo. In the Summer
she fly's to Italy ( Tuscany ) with her son
and lives at her parents home. She does


I had a wonderful time meeting (Name withheld for confidentiality). Thank you very much for arranging this introduction.

I would describe him as a gentleman, having a great sense of humor, and an engaging conversationalist. I believe that we got along well and would be open to meeting him again. He made a very positive first impression on me.


Valenti Client

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