Valenti International is universally acknowledged as the leader in traditional matchmaking.  Irene Valenti, renowned for pioneering what is now known as “matchmaking,” founded Valenti International in 1990.  Matchmaking In The European Tradition defines today’s Professional Matchmaker.

Valenti’s trademark approach, embodies the heritage of the village matriarch who personally introduced people she believed would fall in love. It was the matriarch’s heartfelt and intimate knowledge of her townspeople; including family values, culture, faith, and, of course, romantic compatibility, that resulted in successful, lifelong partnerships. This same personalized approach is applied, within today’s modern and increasingly mobile world.

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“The more you have to offer, the harder it can be for you to find that special person.”

- Irene Valenti

Valenti International was established to meet the needs of accomplished, intelligent, and attractive men and women . . .

who require a highly customized service. By nature, most people are reluctant to admit that finding a suitable mate may require assistance. Such a search is remarkably complicated without the help of a professional matchmaker, especially when you consider what is at stake. Valenti International employs a full-time team of psychologists who get to know and understand the clients’ personal needs. This is a one of a kind approach, and an integral part of the Valenti Experience.

We live in an expansive global world, a world without geographic limitations. Valenti International embraces the opportunities that come with an expanded, borderless search for that one, perfect match.

Confidentiality & your privacy are guaranteed.  Nothing is ever posted online.  Our clients are extremely private people.



Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our clients have to say.

"What an absolute pleasure it was to speak with you yesterday!! You are such a gracious and kind lady, so rare these days. I thank you for your personal contact information, which of course will stay confidential with me, and I look forward to working with you in this exciting quest. Have a wonderful day and thank you again for being so wonderful and helpful to me."

− Mark

"I wanted to send a quick note about my introduction to Melissa last night. You all did an incredible job. She was beautiful, not only on the outside but also on the inside. That is a wonderful combination! We had a lovely evening and have already made plans to see each other again next week. She is really special and I want to thank you so much for doing such an incredible job."

− Dan

"Madison was a complete joy! We had an incredibly enjoyable evening - the basic 5 hr dinner!! She is an accomplished professional, expert conversationalist, and an accomplished professional. From my standpoint, we had a GREAT conversation and a natural fit. We had so many things in common and I loved that she has traveled extensively. She was a joy and I will ask her out again!"

− John

"Thank you for your timely inquiry. Hillary and I have grown significantly in our relationship and have decided to share the rest of our lives together. We are planning to announce our engagement tomorrow. Thank you for bringing us together and we will keep you posted about future plans."

− Mike

"Thank you and the entire Matchmaking team at Valenti for introducing me to Melissa. Since we met in April, we have both never been happier in our lives. Both of us feel we have met our 'Soul Mate'! She is the first woman I have experienced a connection with on so many levels. We are planning to travel abroad this December and we will pick the most romantic place we can find to get married. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts."

− Michael

"You guys are amazing! Put it this way….I would have walked 3000 miles to meet her. She is hip, beautiful, sophisticated, classy, and intelligent. I really like her. She's unbelievable in every way. Someone pinch me, no smack me – is this really happening? This is my dream girl. And it is not just her looks. I like everything about her. Just tell me I don't have to meet anyone else. Say it with me...I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!"

− Donald

Irene Valenti, Founder and President of the Valenti Foundation and the Valenti Equestrian Club, Valenti International exemplifies her passion for helping others. Valenti has also opened their doors at the Valenti Estate for various fundraising events, weddings, private parties and for business organizations.

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or call Irene Valenti at (619) 997-9239.

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